Watchtower: Greatest Fall

Nazwa Watchtower: Greatest Fall
Edycja Black Hand   (lista kart)
Rarity R
Tekst karty Political Card - Worth 1 Vote. Called by any Seraph at +1 stealth. Watchtower.
In this referendum, each ready Seraph gets 2 additional votes. If this referendum is successful, put this card in play. Tap this card to move 1 blood from the blood bank to a Sabbat vampire in your ready region or your uncontrolled region (not usable during combat). Burn this card if another watchtower enters play.
Rodzaj Political Action   
Pool Cost 1
Wymagania seraph
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena Ilość Koszyk Stan Sprzedawca
Watchtower: Greatest Fall Black Hand R 12.00 PLN 2 M/NM PL sbodek