Puppeteer (Wraith)

Nazwa Puppeteer (Wraith)
Edycja Final Nights   (lista kart)
Rarity R2
Tekst karty Wraith with 1 life. 1 strength, 0 bleed.
[nec] The puppeteer can give you control of an ally or a vampire with capacity of less than 5 for the remainder of your turn as a (D) action.
[NEC] As above, with 2 life.
Rodzaj Ally   
Dyscyplina Necromancy
Pool Cost 1
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena Ilość Koszyk Stan Sprzedawca
Puppeteer (Wraith) Final Nights R2 26.00 PLN 8 M/NM PL sbodek