Nazwa Scattershot
Edycja Keepers of Tradition   (lista kart)
Rarity C
Tekst karty Ammo.
Only usable before resolution of a gun's strike. This gun inflicts +2 damage at close range and -2 damage at long range each strike for the remainder of this combat. No more than one ammo card can be used on a gun each combat.
Rodzaj Combat   
Flavor Tara fired once, blindly, over the table and into the doorway. Her objective wasn't actually to hit anyone (though she certainly wouldn't mind), but to keep the thin-bloods back for another moment.
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena Ilość Koszyk Stan Sprzedawca
Scattershot Gehenna C 0.38 PLN Oryginalna cena 0.08 GBP 14 M/NM EN nekhomanta
Scattershot Gehenna C 0.40 PLN 32 M/NM PL sbodek
Scattershot Keepers of Tradition C 0.40 PLN 10 M/NM PL sbodek