Set's Curse

Nazwa Set's Curse
Edycja Lords of the Night   (lista kart)
Rarity R
Tekst karty +1 stealth action.
[ser] (D) Burn any ally or retainer to put this card into play. This card becomes an animal ally with 3 life, 2 strength and 0 bleed. This ally cannot have or use equipment or retainers and cannot play action cards.
[SER] As above, but burn a vampire with capacity less than 3 to put this card in play.
Rodzaj Action   
Dyscyplina Serpentis
Blood Cost 2
Rysownik Jim DiBartolo
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena Ilość Koszyk Stan Sprzedawca
Set's Curse Lords of the Night R 19.00 PLN 1 M/NM PL sbodek