Lilith's Blessing

Nazwa Lilith's Blessing
Edycja Promo   (lista kart)
Rarity Promo
Tekst karty Master.
Put this card in play. As a master phase action, you may tap this card to search your library for a master: Discipline card and choose a ready non-Bahari vampire you control who has no blood. That vampire gains the Discipline card (if any) and 3 blood and becomes Bahari.
Rodzaj Master   
Pool Cost 1
Rysownik Matt Smith
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Lilith's Blessing Promo Promo 14.98 PLN Oryginalna cena 3.12 GBP 7 M/NM EN nekhomanta
Lilith's Blessing Promo Promo 15.00 PLN 9 M/NM PL sbodek