Nazwa Nocturn
Edycja Sword of Caine   (lista kart)
Rarity C
Tekst karty Demon with 1 life, 1 strength, 1 bleed.
obt: Move nocturn to the ready region when recruited. If this is the first recruit action the acting vampire successfully performs this turn, he or she untaps. Nocturn can play non-ally cards that require basic Obtenebration as a vampire. Burn Nocturn during your untap phase.
OBT: As above, and this vampire may perform this action again this turn, whith the cost increased by 1 blood.
Rodzaj Ally   
Dyscyplina Obtenebration
Blood Cost 1
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena Ilość Koszyk Stan Sprzedawca
Nocturn Sword of Caine C 11.00 PLN 8 M/NM PL sbodek
Nocturn Heirs to the Blood PKia2 11.00 PLN 2 M/NM PL sbodek