Delaying Tactics

Nazwa Delaying Tactics
Edycja Vampire the Eternal Struggle   (lista kart)
Rarity U
Tekst karty Only usable during a referendum.
The referendum is canceled. Untap the acting vampire. The controller of the acting vampire takes the political action card (if any) back into his or her hand (and discards down to his or her hand size), and his or her vampires cannot attempt the same political action this turn.
Rodzaj Reaction   
Blood Cost 1
Nazwa Edycja [down] Rarity Cena orientacyjna*
Delaying Tactics Jyhad EN U 5.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics Vampire the Eternal Struggle EN U 5.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics Camarilla Edition EN U/PN 5.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics Third Edition EN U 5.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics Keepers of Tradition EN U 5.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics Sabbat Preconstructed EN LB2/PwN2 4.00 PLN
Tacticas dilatorias Sabbat Preconstructed ES LB2/PwN2 4.00 PLN
Delaying Tactics (FR) Sabbat Preconstructed FR LB2/PwN2 4.00 PLN
* - cena ogólna jest tylko ceną orientacyjną, każdy sprzedawca może dowolnie ustalić swoją cenę