Lista kart dla edycji First Blood:

Skan Nazwa [down] Rodzaj Klan Rarity
.44 Magnum Equipment PTr2
Academic Hunting Ground Master PTr1
Aching Beauty Master PTo3
Aid from Bats Combat PN6
Aidan Lyle Tremere PTr1
Aire of Elation Action Modifier PTo4
Ambush Action PN3
Ancilla Empowerment Political Action PV1
Animalism Master PN1
Apolonia Czarnecki Malkavian PM1
Apportation Combat PTr4
Arcane Library Master PTr1
Army of Rats Action PN1
Art Museum Master PTo1
Arthur Denholm Malkavian PM1
Asylum Hunting Ground Master PM1
Beetleman Nosferatu PN1
Bela Malkavian PM1
Benjamin Rose Nosferatu PN1
Bewitching Oration Action Modifier PTo2
Blood Doll Master PM3/PN3/PTo3/PTr2/PV3
Bonding Action Modifier PTr4/PV4
Carrion Crows Combat PN5
Cats' Guidance Reaction PN3
Change of Target Action Modifier PTo4
Chantry Master PTr1
Charnas the Imp Retainer PTr1
Claus Wegener Tremere PTr1
Cloak the Gathering Action Modifier PM3/PN3
Coma Combat PM1
Computer Hacking Action PN3
Conditioning Action Modifier PV2
Confusion Action Modifier PM4
Consanguineous Boon Political Action PTo2
Crocodile's Tongue Action Modifier PTo2
Daring the Dawn Action Modifier PV1
Deflection Reaction PV4
Dominate Kine Action PV2
Elder Impersonation Action Modifier PM3
Emily Carson Ventrue PV1
Enchant Kindred Action PTo6
Enhanced Senses Reaction PTr2
Epikasta Rigatos Toreador PTo1
Eyes of Chaos Action Modifier PM4
Fame Master PN1
Forced Awakening Reaction PN3/PTr3
Game of Malkav Master PM1
Gem Ghastly Malkavian PM1
Govern the Unaligned Action PTr6/PV6
Graham Gottesman Ventrue PV1
Guard Dogs Reaction PN3
Gustaphe Brunnelle Nosferatu PN1
Gwendolyn Fleming Toreador PTo1
Harold Tanner Nosferatu PN1
Indomitability Combat PV2
Instinctive Reaction Reaction PN2
Ivory Bow Equipment PTr1
J. S. Simmons, Esq. Retainer PN1
Jeremy "Wix" Wyzchovsky Nosferatu PN1
Joao Bile Ventrue PV1
Kateline Nadasdy Toreador PTo1
Kindred Spirits Action PM8
Kine Resources Contested Political Action PTo4/PV5
Laptop Computer Equipment PN1
Legal Manipulations Action PTo2
Lodin (Olaf Holte) Ventrue PV1
Lost in Crowds Action Modifier PM3/PN3
Majesty Combat PTo4
Mind Tricks Action Modifier PM3
Misdirection Master PV2
Morel Malkavian PM1
Muhsin Samir Tremere PTr1
Mustafa, the Heir Ventrue PV1
No Trace Combat PM2
On the Qui Vive Reaction PM5/PN2/PTo5/PTr3/PV3
Osric Vladislav Malkavian PM1
Petra Nosferatu PN1
Powerbase: Montreal Master PN1
Precognition Reaction PTr2
Raven Spy Retainer PN2
Rolling with the Punches Combat PV2
Rutor Tremere PTr1
Scorn of Adonis Action Modifier PTo2
Second Tradition: Domain Reaction PV2
Seduction Action Modifier PV2
Slum Hunting Ground Master PN1
Soak Combat PV1
Society Hunting Ground Master PTo1
Spirit's Touch Reaction PTr2
Sport Bike Equipment PTr1
Sudden Reversal Master PM1
Telepathic Misdirection Reaction PM4/PTo4/PTr4
Thadius Zho Ally PTr1
The Barrens Master PM1
The Labyrinth Master PN1
Theft of Vitae Combat PTr6
Thomas De Lutrius Toreador PTo1
Troius Tremere PTr1
Tyler McGill Toreador PTo1
Unflinching Persistence Combat PV2
Uptown Hunting Ground Master PV1
Vasily Toreador PTo1
Vast Wealth Master PTr1
Veil the Legions Action Modifier PM2
Ventrue Headquarters Master PV1
Victor Donaldson Ventrue PV1
Walk of Flame Combat PTr1
Weighted Walking Stick Combat PV3
Zane Tremere PTr1