Lista kart dla edycji Infernal Storyline:

Skan Nazwa [down] Rodzaj Klan Rarity
Baleful Bum's Rush Action
Demonic Condemnation: Betrayed Action
Demonic Condemnation: Doomed Action
Demonic Condemnation: Languid Action
Demonic Condemnation: Mute Action
Demonic Confusion of the Eye Reaction
Demonic Freak Drive Action Modifier
Demonic Herald of Topheth Ally
Demonic Minion Tap Master
Demonic Pulse of the Canaille Action
Demonic Trap Combat
Form of Demonic Corruption Action
Greater Catatonic Fear Combat
Greater Faceless Night Action Modifier
Greater Fear of the Void Below Combat
Greater Haven Uncovered Master
Greater Rötschreck Master
Greater Telepathic Counter Reaction
Greater Telepathic Misdirection Reaction
Greater Undead Persistence Combat
Greater Wake with Evening's Freshness Reaction
Infernal Conflagration Combat
Infernal Contagion Action
Infernal Ecstasy Reaction
Infernal Perfectionist Master
Infernal Psychomachia Action Modifier
Infernal Regeneration Action
Infernal Ruins of Charizel Master
Nergal Calls the Great Beast Action
Nergal Ignores the Searing Flames Combat
Nergal's Blood Doll Master
Nergal's Concordance Action
Nergal's Fragment of the Book of Nod Master
Nergal's Giant's Blood Master
Nergal, Prince of Hell Baali
Rutor's Infernal Hand Action
Sense the Infernal Sin Reaction
Skin of the Infernal Adder Combat
Swallowed by the Demonic Night Action Modifier/Combat
Walk of Infernal Flame Combat