Lista kart dla edycji Sword of Caine:

Skan Nazwa Rodzaj Klan Rarity [down]
Biothaumaturgic Experiment Action C
Blind Spot Master C
Cadet Master C
Eccentric Billionaire Ally C
Empowering the Puppet King Action C
Enrage Action C
Forced Vigilance Reaction C
Hand Contract Master C
Mustajib Action C
Nocturn Ally C
Notorious Brutality Action C
Psychic Assault Combat C
Sanguinary Wind Combat C
Tattoo Signal Action C
Taunt the Caged Beast Action C
Touch of Pain Reaction C
Truth in Ink Reaction C
Unexpected Coalition Action Modifier/Reaction C
Veil the Legions Action Modifier C
Vermin Channel Action C
Black Hand Emissary Action R
Census Taker Master R
Cloak of Blood Action R
Drink the Blood of Ahriman Action R
Drop Point Network Master R
Epiphany Action R
Follow the Blood Reaction R
Framing an Ancient Grudge Master R
Guarded Rubrics Equipment R
Joseph Pander Master R
Liquefy the Mortal Coil Combat R
Mantle of the Bestial Majesty Action R
Praetorian Backer Action R
Prison of the Mind Action R
Ruins of Ceoris Equipment R
Seraph's Second Action Modifier R
Tribunal Judgment Political action R
Trophy: Chosen Master R
The Uncoiling Event R
Watchtower: The Wolves Feed Master R
Ondine "Boudicca" Sinclair Toreador antitribu V
Arianne, The Conqueror Toreador antitribu V
Nails Nosferatu antitribu V
Lubomira Hradok Nosferatu antitribu V
Marge Khan Malkavian antitribu V
Hagar Stone Malkavian antitribu V
Appius Claudius Corvus Lasombra V
Saul Meira Lasombra V
Shaggydog Gangrel antitribu V
Rashid Stockton Gangrel antitribu V
Gatjil Munyarryun Brujah antitribu V
Fairuza Brujah antitribu V
Nizzam al-Latif Assamite V
Zubeida Abomination V
Carmen Tremere antitribu V
Ash Harrison Tremere antitribu V
Dr. Morrow, The Skindoctor Tzimisce V
Stephen Bateson Tzimisce V
Kestrelle Hayes Ventrue antitribu V
Elimelech the Twice-Damned Ventrue antitribu V