Lista kart dla edycji Fifth Edition:

Skan Nazwa [down] Rodzaj Klan Rarity
.44 Magnum Equipment PTr1
Academic Hunting Ground Master PTr1
Aire of Elation Action Modifier PTo2
Alexa Draper Ventrue PV1
Alexander Silverson Malkavian PM2
Alice Chen Ventrue PV2
Anarch Troublemaker Master PV1
Ancilla Empowerment Political Action PV1
Andi Liu Malkavian PM2
Apportation Combat PTr4
Arcane Library Master PTr1
Art Museum Master PTo1
Ashley Malkavian PM1
Asylum Hunting Ground Master PM1
Aunt Linda Nosferatu PN1
Ayelech Tremere PTr2
Baixinho Nosferatu PN1
Belinde Nosferatu PN2
Bewitching Oration Action Modifier PTo4/PV4
Blood Doll Master PM4/PV3
Bonding Action Modifier PM4/PTr6
Bowl of Convergence Equipment PTr1
Bret Stryker Toreador PTo1
Brock Sterling Ventrue PV1
Carrion Crows Combat PN2
Catalina Vega Toreador PTo2
Cats' Guidance Reaction PN4
Change of Target Action Modifier PTo2
Chantry Master PTr1
Chelsea Blake Ventrue PV1
Chrysanthemum Tremere PTr1
Cloak the Gathering Action Modifier PM4
Colette Malkavian PM1
Conditioning Action Modifier PM4/PV4
Consanguineous Boon Political Action PTo4
Creeping Sabotage Action PN4
Creepshow Casino Master PTo1
Daring the Dawn Action Modifier PV1
Deep Song Action PN6
Deflection Reaction PM5/PTr4/PV6
Donny Kowalczyk Malkavian PM2
Dr. Stephen Norton Malkavian PM1
Dreams of the Sphinx Master PM1
Elder Library Master PM1
Elysium: The Palace of Versailles Master PTo1
Enchant Kindred Action PTo6/PV8
Eyes of Argus Reaction PM5/PTr6
Faceless Night Action Modifier PM4
Fame Master PN1
Flávio Gonçalves Toreador PTo2
Foreshadowing Destruction Action Modifier PM2
Freak Drive Action Modifier PV6
Gelasia Fotiou Malkavian PM1
Govern the Unaligned Action PM12/PTr12
Guard Dogs Reaction PN4
Guardian Angel Master PN1
Haven Uncovered Master PN1
Hidden Strength Combat PV4
Horace Radcliffe Nosferatu PN1
Horst von Brühl Ventrue PV2
Immortal Grapple Combat PN4
Ines Tristao Tremere PTr2
Information Highway Master PV1
Instinctive Reaction Reaction PN4
Intimidation Action PV4
Kathy Glens Toreador PTo1
Kevlar Vest Equipment PTr1
Kine Resources Contested Political Action PTo8/PV7
Larissa Moreira Nosferatu PN2
Lauren Tremere PTr1
Lenny Burkhead Nosferatu PN2
Life in the City Master PM2
Lloyd Brooks Tremere PTr1
Lost in Crowds Action Modifier PM4/PN4
Madison Ventrue PV1
Magic of the Smith Action PTr2
Majesty Combat PTo6/PV6
Massimo Falconi Toreador PTo1
Meaghan Malkavian PM1
Min-Seo Toreador PTo1
Mirror Walk Action Modifier PTr6
Misdirection Master PTr1/PV1
Mkhokheli Toreador PTo2
Murder of Crows Retainer PN2
Naomi Stewart Ventrue PV1
Nassir Tremere PTr1
Nik Sikko Toreador PTo1
On the Qui Vive Reaction PM5/PN5/PTr4
Oshri Dahan Ventrue PV1
Parity Shift Political Action PTo4/PV5
Patrik Söderberg Tremere PTr1
Pentex(TM) Subversion Master PTr1
Perfect Paragon Action Modifier PTo4
Precognition Reaction PTr2
Preternatural Strength Action PN2
Protected District Reaction PN4
Raven Spy Retainer PN2
Rebel Master PN1
Resist Earth's Grasp Action Modifier/Combat PTo8
Revelations Action PM4
Rosalina Cortez Tremere PTr1
Roundhouse Combat PN8
Ryan Nosferatu PN1
Scalpel Tongue Action Modifier/Reaction PTo4
Second Tradition: Domain Reaction PTo4/PV4
Slum Hunting Ground Master PN1
Smiling Jack, the Anarch Master PN1
Society Hunting Ground Master PTo1
Spirit's Touch Reaction PTr2
Sport Bike Equipment PTr1
Spying Mission Action Modifier PM4
Sully Malkavian PM1
Swallowed by the Night Action Modifier/Combat PM4
Sybren van Oosten Ventrue PV2
Tamoszius Toreador PTo1
Taste of Vitae Combat PN4
Telepathic Misdirection Reaction PM5/PTr4
The Barrens Master PM1
The Dowager Nosferatu PN1
The Labyrinth Master PN1
The Warrens Reaction PN4
Theft of Vitae Combat PTr10
Toreador Grand Ball Master PTo4
Toreador Justicar Political Action PTo1
Trevon Parker Tremere PTr2
Underbridge Stray Ally PN2
Uptown Hunting Ground Master PV1
Ventrue Headquarters Master PV1
Vessel Master PN4/PTr4
Villein Master PTo6
Visit From the Capuchin Master PV1
Voter Captivation Action Modifier PTo6/PV2
Wake with Evening's Freshness Reaction PV4
Warsaw Station Master PN1
Wasserschloss Anif, Austria Master PTr1
Wauneka Nosferatu PN1
Wider View Master PM1/PTr1/PV2